Fatima Sánchez Oroz

Born in Cusco Peru, graduated in the National University San Antonio Abbot of Cusco with a degree IN TOURISM with the entitled Thesis The Andean Cosmovisión and the Tourism of the New age in Cusco. she Belongs to the School of Graduates in Tourism of Peru.

At the moment she works as Tourist guide in Cusco and she leads Groups of tourists throughout Peru and Bolivia in the specialties of Traditional Historical Archaeological Tourism, Mystic Tourism and Adventure tourism in its different modalities, already having 14 years of experience in English and French.
She organizes and designs different alternatives of Trips of Tourism in Peru for visitors who come from different points of our Planet according to the readiness of time, budget and pleasure or each client’s preference, even, families or organized groups.

Since 1982 after having received her first initiation into the Metaphysics with the master Abid Hiram Valdez E. of the Fraternity of the 7 Rays from Monterrey Mexico and to have founded the Philosophical School of metaphysical studies and a Meditation center in Cusco Peru. She continued during years in the search and investigation of the fascinating world of the Universal Spirituality, for this reason she belonged to different initiatical Schools and she followed different Philosophical Currents as the Rosa Cruses, Templars, Sufis, Buddhists, etc …she studied different alternatives of Spiritual healing as Reiki, healing with Energy and Universal love and so on…to conclude at the end with something transcendental for her to follow the teachings about the Andean Spirituality, the Millennial Wisdom of the Inkas with her masTers the authentic Andean Priests from the Q’eros communities she was iniciated as Andean Priestess with the Mission of sharing this ancestral knowledge (Inkan wisdom and tradition) with the whole World, for this porpose she has the presence of these masTers during the different Ceremonies and Rituals in the pilgrimages to Peru.
Fatima together with her father Jose Angel Sanchez Bustinza have written the Book: “Saqsaywaman and Muyumarka” a new inedited revelation. As a result of many years of research about the mysterious and enigmatic architectural works of the Inkas until now never revealed.