Spiritual Weg der Inkas

Spiritual- Weg der Inkas : Magische Reise durch Peru. 12 Tage, ab/bis Lima Preis per Person: 2700 Euros Min 5 Personen ohne Rail & Fly und ohne An- und Abreisetransfers im Reiseland Durch diese Reise werden wir die Kraftorten der Inkas besuchen, da erleben wir…

Peruvian Culture

Language The great culture of ancient Peru is also expressed by a legacy of a wide variety of native languages that co-exist in its territory. Spanish is the official language and is used in most of the country. Other languages have been recognized by the…
"With over 100 wineries in the country, Chile is now the 5th largest exporter of wine in the world"Augustine of Hippo

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If you will look at the South America map, the Andes mountain range will probably catch your eye at once. And the proud country to live besides them, ashore the Pacific Ocean is Chile.
And boy, do they make a great wine!