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INKAROOTS : A well-established quality Tour Operator with nearly two decades of experience and expertise in the tourism industry, organizing a huge variety of Tours in Cusco and Peru, Adventures trips, Treks, Amazon Jungle Trips and Packages in Peru, extension tours to Colca canyon in Arequipa, the floating islands in the lake Titicaca in Puno or flying over the enigmatic Nazca Lines, Ballestas islands or Paracas reserve. INKAROOTS Travel Peru also offers excellently guided cultural tours of the Sacred Valley and City of Cusco or for those who want a little excitement around Cusco there`s white-water rafting in the río Urubamba, mountain biking in Maras, Moray and salt-mines, horseback riding in the Sacred Valley or near Cusco, climbing, paragliding and more. Recognized and honored by the Regional Govt Tourist Ministry as: “2007 Best Inca Trail Tour Operator” and other awards, but overall being involved in thousands of very happy customers.


Quality personilized and honest tours, outdoor camp trips or jungle excursions at a reasonable prices.

To be recognized as the leading Tour Agency & Operator in the Cusco Region & one that contributes greatly to the development of the Tourism Sector.

We are very focused in increasing the quality of your experience in your holidays.


Exceeding expectations through effective, resourceful, caring service while inspiring the highest level of trust.

Continual quality improve our trips, up-dating qualification of our staff and guides and being the best once again every year. Top guides for top clients.

Possitive environment & social impact, Leave no Trace campaign.

Help service for clients with problems or in distress.

Emergency line and operational offices 24h/7d.

Outstanding personilized service and attention to details.

We care about our passengers. We listen to our clients.

Superb and great value for money in our All included Packages, treks and tours.

Our Responsible Travel, code of conduct and ethic Policies has been constantly evolving since we began operating nearly two decades ago.

100% operated by INKAROOTS, guaranteed departures and satisfaction in our tours.


Honest and reliable travel advices, experience, expertise and integrity, Client for us is synonymous with friend.

Safety First, our leader guides are integral to the safety for each trip.

Team work, good communication and possitive attitude.

Knowledge, professionalism, expertise and dedication.

Creating unique experiences that last a lifetime and innovating our quality service.

Easy online bookings and great shared in small groups experiences.

Commitment with the Culture and the Society of the Andean World.

An environmentally sensitive and socially friendly tour company.

Opening new treks and routes to expand our alternative trips.

Social, Cultural & Economic Responsibility through Tourism.

Commitment to our professional staff, operation team and local communities.

Creating new jobs and opportunities to change their lives.

Fair wages for all our employees and staff.

Health & Insurance for our porters & staff.

Prolonging the indigenous wisdom of the native Incas communities by helping tourists understand the sensitive nature of the cultural & economic balance throughout the Andes.

INKAROOTS Travel -An Environmentally & Socially Friendly Tour Company:

Here at INKAROOTS we focus on seriously taking care of and preserving our environment, keeping the trails clean and as undisturbed as possible to insure that future Peruvians and visitors from around the world will be able to appreciate the essence of these historic and unique landscapes of the Peru Andes .We do respect and follow the values and practices of low impact tourism, and we conduct all of our tours adhering to our strict responsible travel principles and request that you also do so. The destinations we visit require a sustained commitment from our staff, and also our customers to protect our fragile communities, cultures, economies and environments and to benefit from the positive impacts of tourism.

INKAROOTS  -Expectations and Goals:

Our goal, operating and making our Tours and Excursions are a pleasing experience, comfortable and safe, applying original details and personal touches, but mainly demonstrating that customized attention is the base of a good service, always endorsed by the experience and the professionalism of our great working team. At end of your visit we want you to take home “a one of a kind” rewarding positive experience, that will resonate throughout your life. Encouraging and motivating you into learning more about this amazing Andean & Incas Civilization, sharing with each of you the sacred Inca wisdom, spiritual thought and practices. For the years to come we expect to continue providing an exceptional tour of this enchanted part of our earth Peru.

INKAROOTS Travel & the Future of Tourism in the Andes:

We feel the responsibility and play the role in creating an example, of what kind of service a professional tourism company should provide. For example INKAROOTS Travel employees embark on a long term learning adventure.This specialized training, creates a variety of opportunities that allow employees to find the role in the company that best suits their abilities. We also measure success through the positive reaction received by our customers throughout the course of their visit. In the future we understand that tourist expectations will grow so we created a system catered around this fact.

Thank you for choosing INKAROOTS Travel, for a safe and exciting travel experience. Thanks for visiting the Land of the Incas and Cusco, the ancient Incan Capital.

Experience your trip of a lifetime with INKAROOTS  !!!