The Calling Of Mother Earth

Pachamama the ancient Goddess of the Earth
She calls to us in our dreams
She calls to us through the wind,
She embraces us in the night sky,
She remains us that we are all connected
Pachamama is here, our mother we are her children
She asks us to come back to her Sacred Land
To her Sacred Vortex Points to bring our Light
To serve as acupunctural needles of truth
To bring her back into the highest residence of her Truth
When we go to the Sacred Sites
We are on her Divine Mission
We are asking for the Light of God the Father and God the Mother to be with us
We take our Hearts, we take our Light
We take our Sacred Geometry
We take our Vibrations of Purity and Peace
And we go to these points to serve as her Ministers
as her Emissaries, as her Vicars
of Beauty, Light, Love and Peace.
In the process of serving Pachamama our Mother
With our Light we too all transform
Mostly it is in our Hearts that we feel the difference
It is the thread that we make between us.
It is so magnificent and so right
When we bring the Light in
We serve to be the conduits between Heaven and Earth
We are also the conduits between each other
We create a Mandala of Light from Heart to Heart
From Heaven to Earth
So on our journeys we work with a circle
We work with the interconnections
We work with the Heart
The Mandala of Light that we take from the depth of our soul
They are a gift back to Pachamama our Mother

And to move together in unity because we will really bring light to all of these vortex points.
We are going to ask for the balance of the male and female to come within and each of us
And within our group so we consider this a really special moment in time and we know we are very lucky to be here in this Magical Land known as Peru there is no place like Peru it is a Land of incredible beauty, of open hearts and a true mysticism, it is and inter dimensional doorway, a place of Light a place of the Heart.
The Tibetans believe that the Mandalas are connections to the divine
We don’t have to be a great artist you only have to allowed to be an expression of your soul
To your higher self.
So as we share our Mandalas with the group, we begin this journey of the heart, this journey of Peru.

We stayed at a Hotel in Miraflores close to the Waka Pucllana, we had our first encounter with Pachamama, we left our first Offering to her with Coca leaves to show our respect and we also were connected to the Spirit of the Pacific Ocean the Great Mother Water Hatun Mama cocha.
After Lima we went to Trujillo to visit in this pilgrimage the most important Temples of the Ancient Pre Inkan Civilizations as the Moches, we have shared and enjoyed of this paradise, this gift that our Mother Earth has created for us. Then we continue to Huaraz to visit and great the main Sacred Mountain in Peru: Apu Huascaran. We went to Chavin the Mother of all civilizations in Peru. Back in Lima still another visit to the Main Temple of Pachakamak, the Creator of the Universe.